Matt Leinart “Dirty” Pictures – Who Cares?

Matt Leinart, quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, is making headlines this afternoon for appearing in several questionable photographs involving him and a bunch of scantily-clad college girls. The two “dirtiest” pictures involve Leinart holding a beer bong for a young woman and another where he’s in a hot tub surrounded by four young beauties.

Some bloggers and other people are calling him a loser, a bad role model, so on and so forth, but I say this is absolutely ridiculous:

  • Matt Leinart is 24 years old. If he wasn’t doing these things, I’d be worried.
  • If the worst trouble he gets in involves beer and women in hot tubs – still wearing their bathing suits – than isn’t that a good sign. I don’t see any drugs, guns, prostitutes or minors involved.

I say to all you people who are getting on Leinart’s case, “Get a f**king life.” Personally, I’m jealous, and I hope he took full advantage of the situation: the guy is young, a quarterback for an NFL team, and surrounded by hot college girls. He better have done more than just sat in a hot tub with them.

And, just for the record, I am a Seattle Seahawks fan, so I want nothing more than to see the Arizona Cardinals continue to fail – the way they do year after year regardless of pre-season hype. I have no love for Leinart, but come on, people… Get a life.

Here are the Matt Leinart pictures:

Matt Leinart beer bong

Matt Leinart Hot Tub Girls

Matt Leinart Hot Girls

By Erik Samdahl
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