5 Reasons the Cars 2 Movie Will Suck

Along with the announcement that Disney was going to release all of their new CGI-animated cartoons in 3D format came the horrifying revelation that for some God-awful reason, Disney and Pixar were going to make Cars 2. It’s sad to think that Pixar is going to devote its time to making a sequel of its worst movie EVER when they could spend time focusing on new and original content, which is their strong selling point among animated producers.

Here are five reasons why the Cars 2 movie will suck:

  1. The original Cars was awful. It was boring, slow, unimaginative, not funny and lacked exciting animation.
  2. The world of cars is a limited one.  The first one featured some uninteresting racing action and attempted drama, which is about as much as you can get out of a car movie about talking cars. The original Cars used up everything you could possibly imagine in the first ten minutes of the movie.
  3. Cars can’t show emotion. As seen in the first one, it’s hard to show emotion, expression and so on and so forth with a bunch of cars. Let’s just say no one wanted to see the love scenes and no one cared.
  4. This is a weak reason why the movie will suck, but Brad Lewis is directing the film. He produced Ratatouille, one of Pixar’s best movies, but he has never directed a movie in his life.
  5. The original Cars movie sucked. Did I already say that?

Frankly, I’m bummed that I will have to see previews for a sequel. Stupid Disney! Stupid Disney!

By Erik Samdahl
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