House Bunny Raises the Roof… Of Unoriginality

I just watched the new movie trailer for House Bunny, the latest comedy starring Anna Farris. I have actually grown to find her quite hot… unfortunately, she continues to choose absolutely idiotic movies. I have absolutely zero interest in House Bunny, which looks about as original… hell, I don’t have to work anymore this week – thus my mind has shutdown and I can’t think of anything clever to say.

Anyway, House Bunny is about a Playboy Bunny, who, after getting kicked out of the mansion for being too old (at age 27), moves into a sorority with a bunch of loser girls. As one might imagine, she teaches the intellectuals how to look pretty and get guys, while she falls for a guy who is more interested in smart women. Sound like any other college movie? I thought so.

The movie trailer really isn’t funny at all, but you can see for yourself:

By Erik Samdahl
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