Zombie Strippers Red Band Trailer: Where’s the Nudity?

I finally gave in and watched some promotional material for Zombie Strippers, a movie about… zombie strippers. I have seen some movie posters floating around recently, but disregarded the film as B-grade crap. Having now watched the new red band trailer, which is included farther down this article, it definitely looks like B-grade crap, though if Sony markets the film right and takes a Snakes on a Plane angle, they might be able to squeak a few dollars out of the concept.

But that’s not what this post is about.

The Red Band trailer for Zombie Strippers is just plain awful. I’m not talking about the content, the forced dialogue, the cheesy script or the B-grade look. No, I’m talking about the lack of material, or the lack of the lack of material in the trailer. Just so you know, Red Band trailers are previews that are only allowed to be viewed by restricted audiences – i.e. people who can legally get into R-rated movies. Hence, as seen in the Pathology Red Band trailer, gore, nudity and the like are technically allowed.

The Zombie Strippers Red Band trailer looks like a toned-down version of a Green Band (approved for general audiences) trailer. There’s no nudity, no gore and absolutely nothing that would entice me to go see this flick. If I’m going to pay money to waste an hour and a half of my time watching a crappy movie, I better get some brilliant gore and a lot of breasts, and it’s the Red Band trailer’s job to notify me if such a movie is worth the investment.

So far, it appears as though Zombie Strippers is going to be a PG-rated waste of time.

Here’s the Zombie Strippers Red Band trailer:

By Erik Samdahl
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