What to Make of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

I just watched the so-called movie trailer for the upcoming George Lucas movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is an animated film that takes place between the second and third movies. The movie trailer, which can be seen below, looks more like an unofficial teaser trailer, as it really is just a montage of scenes and special effects without any kind of storytelling narrative, setup or exposition. The trailer also ends on a cheesy note, which makes me think that this video is not intended to be any kind of official preview (plus it lacks credits and MPAA approval).

Anyway, I have no clue what to make of this new Star Wars movie. It’s going to be challenging watching a feature-length Star Wars movie as a cartoon, no matter how good the visuals are. The action will probably be pretty engaging as Lucas has always been good at drawing his audiences into battle sequences, but the movie is really going to struggle when the characters are on the screen and talking. The actual human characters are cartoons originally intended for the small screen – they certainly aren’t up to Pixar standards, and that’s a problem. Will I be able to get past the poor facial features and focus on the story? I don’t know.

Ultimately, I am 50/50 on the movie. Part of me is excited that another Star Wars movie is coming out, but part of me wishes that the movie just remain a TV pilot. If the prequel movies didn’t ruin the Star Wars experience for you, a theatrical cartoon version might. While I have to assume that this movie will make a decent amount of money, I have to wonder how many people will actually go see it. The casual viewer is not going to be so thrilled to go watch a cheesy Star Wars cartoon; it’s going to be for die hards only.

Only time will tell… Until then, here’s the Star Wars “movie trailer:”

By Erik Samdahl
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