Will Speed Racer Flop Already?

Speed Racer PictureI’m sorry, but does Speed Racer look like one of the worst movies ever conceived to you? Every time I see a trailer or a commercial or an email or an article about the movie, I cringe. Those poor saps who work at the movie theaters where the commercials are playing on the overhead TVs day in and day out must be on the verge of suicide.

Speed Racer just looks dreadful. I’m no box office expert, and as such I’m not entirely good at predicting how well films will make, but I will be shocked if this film is profitable. I will be highly disappointed if the movie doesn’t flop miserably, though I am trying to not say “shocked” for that result as well. After all, the American public is an unpredictable bunch and can be duped into going to see some pretty bad movies – and I, among them, will certainly go see this picture just to see how God-awful it really is. Still, even with my hesitations that this movie could make some decent money, I will still be pretty surprised if there is a large group of people out there who are eagerly awaiting this film. The special effects look dreadful, the action no better than that from a cheap cartoon and the acting lackluster at best (despite featuring a talented cast).

I’m really starting to think that the Wachowski Brothers are one-hit wonders. The Matrix was phenomenal and trend-setting. The Matrix Reloaded, while overall pretty decent, wasn’t anything great. The Matrix Revolution was plain-out bad at times. And now Speed Racer???

Please tell me if you actually think Speed Racer looks good, and why? Without even seeing this movie I want it to flop so badly, and I have this tingling feeling in my gut that suggests it may actually do so.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Wes

    At least you didn’t give it your “sucks” label. Then again you are probably saving that for the release.
    I for one am truly stoked to see one of my childhood faves hitting the big screen. Filmed in the same “over the top” fashion that made the cartoon enjoyable. I am anticipating a very silly, CGI fun fest. The W bros are obviously doing their best to emulate the original. That to me should be entertaining.
    Hey at least Uwe didn’t get ahold of this one!
    Thanks for your always honest views, it keeps things interesting.

  • Haha, yeah I’m holding out to see it before I give it the “sucks” label. :o)

    That’s fine that the W bros (good way of avoiding spelling their names) are sticking true to the over-stylized format of the cartoon, but what worries me is that adaptations like this rarely work out. Directors spend so much time trying to match a visual style that they leave everything else lacking.

    And yes, at least Uwe isn’t in charge. Or Stephen Sommers. Or McG.

  • Art

    Emile Hirsch is one of the worst Actors in Hollywood, no wonder it floped!

  • Hi Art, I have no doubt that he’s bad in this one, but I think he’s actually a pretty talented guy… his work in Into the Wild and even The Girl Next Door is pretty good in my view.