Indie Film Feature: Nemesis (2008)

Suzie AbromeitEvery once in a while, I receive a request to review or feature an independently produced film that has been made. I don’t have a time to review a bunch of movies that will probably never be seen by the vast majority of my readers, but after receiving several requests in the last week, I figured I’d do some quick blog posts about them. I’m probably opening a can of worms here, but I figured I’d give these films some free PR. Note that I haven’t seen this movie so am making no statement about how good it is, but I respect independent filmmaker’s attempts to promote their movies.

Nemesis is about a rapper who isn’t actually a rapper. I’m not huge into street films or rapper films, but Nemesis has a pretty neat concept: a young man rises to fame as a rapper named Nemesis, but his name, street creed and everything else is fictionalized. A creation of the record label with the sole purpose to sell records, the man now known as Nemesis finds himself in an awkward position. To sell records, he must prove his badassedness, but to do so, the record label fabricates a feud between him and his childhood friend. As the feud spirals out of control, the young rapper must make a tough decision as to whether he should continue doing what he’s doing or give up this false persona that is causing so much harm.

I described the movie pretty poorly, I think, but you can read the full synopsis here.

So the movie has an interesting twist to the rise-to-fame-street-thug model, though what probably interests me the most is actress Suzie Abromeit (pictured here). She’s… quite good looking.

By Erik Samdahl
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