Scarlett Johansson Becomes Hermione Granger

Emma Watson PictureYes, Scarlett Johansson is replacing Emma Watson in the final Harry Potter movie. Warner Brothers said, “We felt, as Hermione Granger reaches a proper age, that she needed to have more curves and sex appeal. Scarlett brings that to the table.” Reports are also coming in that the ending of the series will be modified: Hermione and Harry will actually end up together, as will Ron and Ginny.


Wait, what? I think I got something wrong here.

Oh. Emma Watson is replacing Scarlett Johansson in Napoleon and Betsy, a film that The Hollywood Reporter says is “a period drama being written and directed by Benjamin Ross.”

The movie is about a British noblewoman (now: young noblewoman) who is trapped on the island of St. Helena, where Napoleon is being kept in exile. She falls in love with the French conquerer.

Watson is replacing Johansson because, apparently, the role has skewed younger, making it more appropriate for the 18-year old Harry Potter star to be cast as Betsy rather than a luscious vixen who is known for her sex appeal. Of course, Johansson is only 24 years old (younger than me!).

Personally, I have to wonder if Emma Watson is going to end up becoming hotter than Scarlett Johansson. She has a different look, certainly, but she’s quite a looker. I feel comfortable saying this now that Ms. Watson is of age.

By Erik Samdahl
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