Is The Spirit Teaser Trailer Any Good?

I just watched the teaser trailer for the upcoming Frank Miller film The Spirit, which was released yesterday. The Spirit has the same visual style as Sin City, which means that all of the fans who have been waiting for a Sin City sequel will at least be somewhat satisfied with something from the same vein.

I have no clue what The Spirit is about, but the visuals look pretty neat. The question will be: can Frank Miller, on his own, do what was clearly done by Robert Rodriguez before? The teaser trailer isn’t amazing and certainly doesn’t captivate the way that long Sin City ComiCon teaser did for us a few years earlier. The visuals are there, but not much happens to make us really excited for the film. I’m sure the next teaser will be a little more action packed, but here, all we get to see is some dude jumping around. There’s no real sense of seediness or suspense, and that’s a problem.

Still, for something to whet people’s appetites, it’s good enough.

Here’s The Spirit teaser trailer:

By Erik Samdahl
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