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Indiana Jones 4 PictureIt’s been a while since I did an InstantSurvey, and it’s about damn time. While I realize that Iron Man opens on Thursday, I figured it’s not too late to get your feedback on the best and worst of the movies coming to theaters this summer. Which summer movie will be the best? Which summer movie will be the worst? What do you think of Speed Racer? The X-Files movie? How many movies are you going to see this summer, in theaters?

These are the kinds of questions I want to know, and in exchange for five minutes of your time (yes, it’s that short), I’m giving away a free copy of Eastern Promises, which stars Viggo Mortensen in the role that earned him an Oscar nod.

The 2008 Summer Movie Survey ends on May 14th, after which I will select the winner. I will send out the DVD within a couple weeks after that. Let all your friends know – I want to get a record amount of submissions for this survey!

The winner has now been announced.

Oh, by the way…

The online survey software I use is InstantSurvey, a super-easy and inexpensive tool. It really is a good product.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • this summer we will attempt to see as many of the movie openings as possible looking forward to the summer

  • Bruce Lattyak

    I think “Speed Racer” should be ok. I have’nt seen “Speed Racer” yet but will be going to the May 3rd screening of the movie in Chicago. I have seen “Iron Man” and thought it was awesome. Im probably going to see at least 50 movies this summer and a few of my top blockbusters on my list are: “Batman” and “Indiana Jones” among others. It should be a great summer with some big movies.

  • Elizabeth

    I am looking forward to Indiana Jones movie. It is about time there is another movie. I like them all.
    Another one I am looking forward to is Prince Caspian movie. I like the Narnia books and enjoyed watching the first one.
    I hope I am not disappointed by these two this summer.

  • darkjedi

    I am looking forward to Speed Racer and the Indiana Jones movies.

  • Joyce

    I will be taking my nephew to see the Prince Caspian movie as he loves the Narnia books. I myself love the Indiana Jones movies. I am lokking forward to seeing 3-4 movies. Looks like some excellent movies coming out for the summer.

  • kelvin hobson

    I am looking forward to seeing Iron Man and THE Indiana jones films!

  • iron man,new indiana jones,hancock!
    enter me please..

  • I am looking forward to those movies that are pure entertainment – a lighthearted summer is what I wish for

  • Jim

    Speed Racer will be atrocious, Indy will rock

  • Thanks, Jim, your hatred of Speed Racer reassures me!

  • i am looking forward to new movies

  • john rasmussen

    Iron Man started already, I haven’t really paid much attention to much else coming out. School, work and family have kept me so busy, that movies are way down the list.

  • Piero Giorno

    Indiana Jones, that’s the one movie I can’t wait to see.

  • Greg

    The only thing that’ll get me to the theater this Summer is the new Indiana Jones Movie.

  • Pat McCue

    I need to see “Batman The Dak Knoght” especially for the final completed role for Heath Ledger.

  • Jenneral

    Iron Man (Saw it – AWESOME), The Dark Knight, Indiana JOnes and the Crystal Skull are all movies I am going to see this summer in theatres. Speed Racer is going to be the worst film of the summer. What were they thinking when they decided to do that one? I am really looking forward to the X-Files movie, The truth is out there and I want to see it.

  • Lori

    Definitely looking forward to Indiana Jones 4, X Files 2 and Batman the Dark Knight.

  • Nancy Nanstiel

    I want to see Iron Man and Indiana Jones,

  • Audrey Larson

    Iron Man sounds pretty good!

  • Burton Bathrick



  • yo

  • Tracey Byram

    I’m looking forward to The X-Files movie,The Midnight Meat Train ,Pineapple Express,The Happening . Pretty eclectic mix.

  • Carolyn

    Indiana Jones 😉 Thanks.

  • Joe McCue

    The Dark Knight will rule the big screen this summer!

  • I think “Speed Racer” should be ok.

  • Edward Durbin

    Iron Man

    Thank you for the contest…

  • I’ll be 49 in august,still remember taking my mom to see king kong-we are seeing the future,right now!,one day you will remember this summer,and you will say [WOW! THAT GUY WAS RIGHT}.

  • thank you for a chance in your contests

  • peg c

    Going to see the Indiana Jones movie, of course, but really waiting for The Dark Knight!! That movie is going to be huge!!

  • Tom Gibson

    Indiana Jones and the new Batman movie are the only two that should be blockbuster hits, unless they make another Friday the 13th sequel.

  • I saw Iron Man and Prince Caspian this last weekend. Both were great! I doubt if I will spend the money on Speed Racer.

  • Angelo Datellis

    I can’t wait to see more of the Dark Knight when he returns!

  • alex Liska

    Great movie. I give an A

  • what women doen’t want too see Indiana Jones!!!

  • tab

    I saw Indiana Jones the day it was realeased. I could not beleive that the had taken such a great movie and down sized the values to ailiens and spaceships. It was a major disapointment. Yeah I kind of knew it was comming, but chose to remain ignorant and hold a minimal amount of respect for the director. I graphics were great, and the plot was good as well….but not good enough for Indi!!!

  • Well said, Tab.

  • The winner has finally been announced. Thanks, everyone, for participating in the survey! I’ll be doing a new survey soon, so keep your eyes and ears open.