Two Months of Free DVDs Sent to Contest Winners

My bedroom says thank you! After exactly two months of hording DVDs, I’ve finally packaged them, stamped them and sent them off to all you lucky contest and giveaway winners. I try to send out a shipment each month, but going to the Post Office is just a pain in the ass – even though there is one in the building where I work. So, if you always wonder why it takes so long to get your free DVDs, the reason is, often enough, that I’m lazy.

Below is a list of DVDs that I’ve shipped out to the selected winners. Please note that if your contest has closed and winners have been selected, but it is not listed here, that simply means that I am not sending the prizes out myself and have forwarded on your information to the appropriate movie studio to send out on my behalf. I have no real way of tracking these in any realistic way, so I just hope and pray (well, I don’t pray) that the studios get the shipments out to you. Anyway, here are the prizes that I have just sent out personally:

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By Erik Samdahl
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