New Hot Female Star in Transformers 2

Teresa PalmerSay what you want about Michael Bay, but the man knows how to cast his females. With Megan Fox, one of the stars of last year’s Transformers movie, topping FHM’s Sexiest Women list, being a young, attractive woman in a Bay film is not a bad career move. Teresa Palmer, best known for her love interest role in December Boys, has been cast in an unknown role in Transformers 2. More than likely, she will end up making out with Fox while Shia LaBeouf watches nervously from afar.

Palmer, pictured here, was set to have a significant role in the now defunct Justice League movie, so she will have to settle for this assured blockbuster. She will also have a role in the upcoming Adam Sandler movie Bedtime Stories.

Teresa Palmer’s casting announcement comes from Courier Mail.

By Erik Samdahl
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