Texas Man Tries to Cash $360 Billion Check

The article Man arrested in Texas for trying to cash $360 billion check from Yahoo! caught my eye. A 21-year old North Texas man named Charles Ray Fuller walked into at a Fort Worth bank and handed a teller a check with a lot of zeros on it. For some reason, the teller found this suspicious and decided to report the attempted withdrawal.

Fuller was arrested, primarily for being a dumbass but also for forgery. He claims his girlfriend’s mother gave him the check to help him start a record company; his mother, realizing that her daughter’s boyfriend is more of an idiotic loser than he first revealed, denies that she did any such thing. The fact that Fuller was also carrying marijuana and a gun makes me believe the mother.

A $360 billion check? Are you kidding me? How stupid can you get???

By Erik Samdahl
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