Error in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua Teaser Trailer

First off, WTF. Have you seen the teaser trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua? This movie looks so bad it’s not even funny. This is the kind of movie parents dread with a passion; it is a guaranteed hour and a half of mind-numbing, death-inducing terror. I would want my kids subjected to something more worthwhile.

Regardless, the teaser trailer talks about the chihuahua’s heritage as coming from the Aztecs. However, when they say “Aztecs,” the teaser trailer pans over a shot of Machu Picchu in Peru. Having just been there, I’m pretty sure that the Incas built and lived in Machu Picchu, not the Aztecs. It’s a completely different civilization.

Aren’t there enough Aztec ruins to desecrate without ruining a second civilization?

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Ricardo Cavenecia

    Is this country getting stupider over and over again? How do we let these kinds of things happen so often? The Aztecs and Machu Picchu?!? Any idiot knows where these are! I would think. It’s part of basic general knowledge! Like knowing a little about the greeks and the romans, or the egyptians… what’s Disey’s next?, the Sphinx being featured in an Irak based movie??? Come on! The latest Indiana Jones movie was filled with mistakes. He arrives in Cuzco’s Airport when headed to study the Nazca Lines, located 600+ miles away, and in the coast line!! And as he walks out on the streets, it is all mariachis and all “far west” looking!!!
    The US will be laughed at by the rest of the world over and over over these kinds of things. As long as the movie watchers around this planet keep figuring out these mistakes, they will keep saying what they are already increasingly saying: Americans are sooo stupid!