American Idol Voters: Please Send Dreadlocks Home!

Jason Castro American IdolI’ve hated him since week one. It probably doesn’t help that I hate dreadlocks. Why would you want unruly, smelly hair when you could just buzz your head and have the same low maintenance? Regardless, Jason Castro has to go. He’s never been a good singer, and he never well be (yes, he can sing better than I, but I’m not in a competition to sell hundreds of thousands of records). Sure, he’s pulled out – let me count – two good songs over the course of his short-lived career, but that’s not much at all.

Castro should have gone weeks ago, but this week he just has to go. American Idol doesn’t deserve the guy for another week. Syesha has been doing all too well to go home, and it would just be wrong for one of the Davids to go home already. Please, American Idol voters, please! Send Jason Castro – a.k.a. Dreadlocks – packing ASAP.

By Erik Samdahl
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