Baghead Movie Trailer – Good, Bad or Ugly?

I just watched the new Baghead movie trailer (embedded below), and I must say this movie has promise. It starts out looking like a slasher film, and then turns into a romantic comedy of sorts. A woman has a “dream” about a guy with a bag over his head watching her from the woods, and she and a group of friends – who are spending a few days at a cabin in the middle of nowhere – decide to make a movie about it. One guy has the hots for one of the women, and uses his role as her boyfriend in the film to make a move on her. That’s cute.

And then, back to horror movie! What if it wasn’t a dream that the woman had? What if there really was a stalker roaming around that wears a bag over his head? What if he gets angry?

At the very least, I’m curious. At the most, Baghead could be good fun. This kind of film can be tricky to pull off, however. First, having seen pictures and posters for the movie, I had no idea that the film was a horror flick. Even the trailer isn’t conclusive to the fact that there really is a bad person running around. So is it or is it not a horror film? If not, Sony Pictures Classics needs to make that clear. If it is, they also need to make it clear. If it is a comedy-horror film, then balance it out a little bit. It’s hard to tell, and that could spell disaster.

Here’s the Baghead movie trailer:

By Erik Samdahl
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