When Vaginas Attack: Two Teeth Movie Reviews

Teeth VaginaAh, there’s nothing like a toothy vagina. Especially one that bites off anything that disturbs it.

Such is the premise for Teeth, the new horror-comedy out on DVD that stars Jess Weixler as a sexy but naively innocent abstinence poster child who discovers that she’s not the same as other girls. She may look the same, she may feel the same, but she is definitely not the same. You see, her vagina has teeth, and when it gets angry, things aren’t pretty.

I’ve posted two movie reviews for Teeth on FilmJabber.com. The first one, by me, is pretty basic and to-the-point, whereas Robert Bell’s, I must admit, is a thousand times better. It’s definitely the funniest movie review you’ll read in a while, so read our Teeth movie reviews now.

By Erik Samdahl
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