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Megan Fox Naked… Sort Of

May 12th is a glorious day, as has posted several set pics from the upcoming movie, Jennifer’s Body. But these set pics are of a particular nature… Specifically, every single picture shows Transformers star Megan Fox naked… almost. She’s wearing pasties, but it’s close enough. Anyway, here’s Megan Fox from her new movie, which is about a cheerleader who gets possessed and starts killing people.

Supposedly, this movie is being filmed in Vancouver, and if these set pictures are recent, it cannot be warm filming outside. It’s been cold in the Pacific Northwest, and I can’t imagine Vancouver has been any better.

UPDATE: Fox has kindly asked me to remove these pictures. I’m not really surprised, though they could have been a little nicer about it: “We demand that you remove the images of actress, Megan Fox… Failure to comply may result in significant monetary liability.”

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Bobby Ewing

    Dang…does she (Megan Fox) have a great rack or what. But wait – it is even better. Wait till you see the UHQ – Ultra High Resolution Originals
    Now thats what I am talking about!!!

  • Erik Samdahl

    Thanks Bobby!