Seattle Weathermen Suck

OK, having lived in Seattle most of my life, I know that the weather is hard to predict around here. Forecasters are safest when they predict a chance of rain and clouds; less so when they call for a completely sunny day or one full of showers. But this Memorial Day Weekend has me shaking my head…

Early last week, the call was for warm temperatures and sun. By middle of the week, we were looking at 50-degree temperatures and rain. Lots of it. By end of the week, that prognosis was the same. It was going to be one crappy Memorial Day Weekend.

Come Saturday, I wake up and what do I see but blue skies. Not just blue skies, but blue skies without a cloud in sight. OK, I think. It’s blue now, but a storm is going to rear its ugly head any minute, the temperature is going to plummet and the skies will open. Or, how about it pushes into the 80’s and stays blue and hot all day long?

A little after noon, I check the online weather forecast. It still says that there’s going to be a high of 73 and showers. No where, including the little icon, does it indicate sun.

Today, Sunday, I wake up. It’s a little gray, but nothing too bad. It’s now 6:30, and what kind of day did I get? Another day of sun and warmth, albeit not as nice as Saturday. Still, the forecast for today reads a high of 66 and showers – no sun icon. What the hell?

There’s no real point to this blog post other than to vent about how bad the weathermen are around here. It’s OK if the weather is unpredictable and you can’t see far into the future, but at least admit it. Don’t pretend like you’ll be accurate five days in advance, let alone one.

While I’m on the topic of rants, the Seattle Mariners blew an eighth-inning lead to be swept by the Yankees. How does my team suck so badly?

By Erik Samdahl
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