It’s a Sad Week for DVD Sales – And Buyers

No, I’m not talking about overall numbers. However, I was saddened to see that three of the five top-selling DVDs this past week are downright not-so-good. With exception to National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, which is no Oscar-winner in its own right, the top four selling DVDs of last week were:

  1. Semi-Pro
    An insanely awful and boring Will Ferrell movie. And that’s coming from someone who generally likes Will Ferrell movies.
  2. National Treasure 2
    A surprisingly entertaining movie, though maybe that’s because I went in with such low expectations.
  3. Number 3? I don’t know… The original article doesn’t say. :o(
  4. The Eye
    I can understand why this one is selling well. It stars Jessica Alba and looks sort of freaky. But it’s the same old Asian remake trash.
  5. Meet the Spartans
    How do people still pay money to see these films? After Date Movie and Epic Movie, you would think even the dumbest of audiences would have caught on that these films just… aren’t… funny.
By Erik Samdahl
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