Movie Trailer Review: Punisher: War Zone

The movie trailer for Punisher: War Zone was released a few days ago. Strangely, when I went and saw The Incredible Hulk, neither it nor The Dark Knight played before it, though I’m guessing most theaters got a whiff of it.

The teaser trailer is pretty good considering the quality of the movie, which looks questionable at best. The marketing department has done a good job of building an action-packed, gun blazing, exciting teaser trailer, but Punisher: War Zone does not have me begging for more. I’m sure it will be mindless fun, but the action just screams of Hitman, which was all style and not much substance. Seeing Frank Castle spin around on a chandelier firing dual pistols means fun action, but not necessarily good action. Throw in a really bad one-liner at the end and we have ourselves a problem, folks.

Maybe I’m being unfair to Punisher: War Zone, but this looks like a really good teaser trailer for a not-so-good action movie.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Nomad

    That really bad one-liner you cite is straight from MAX.

  • Hi Nomad,

    Thanks! Clearly I’m not a reader of the comic… in that case, I take back that one comment.


  • TitoWK

    That’s TITUS PULLO!!!

  • GR8Dane

    That looks aweful, Thomas Jane was a much better punisher. And the one scene ripped off from Boondock Saints looks bad as well. Definately not going to see this until it hits the 1.50 theater.

  • Brian

    I have been searching the internet and people seem to really be dissing this movie trailer. But TitoWK your right…thats TITUS PULLO and I think he really could pull this off. In most cases with comic book based movies you really have to take a number in things into consideration when making judgement. especially reading the comic. These type of movies must be judged differently.

  • I miss Rome…