Is The Happening the Worst Movie of 2008?

Wow. I finally watched The Happening last night, after over a week of listening to bad reviews and a warning from my brother that M. Night Shyamalan had inflicted upon audiences something worse than death. But the movie looked cool, and I was willing to look past the quasi-disappointing The Village and the downright bad Lady in the Water in hopes that The Happening would be more along the lines of his first three major films, which I liked.

I didn’t think The Happening could be that bad. At the very least, my expectations were so hampered by other people’s opinions that I figured I’d like it on those merits alone – after all, if you’re expecting something bad, you can often come away enjoying the picture (like Fantastic Four 2).

The Happening was worse than I could have ever imagined. In fact, it will most likely go down as the worst movie of 2008 and a likely candidate for the ultimate Razzie. It’s amazing, but it’s true. Read my full, profanity-laden The Happening movie review here.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • TitoWK

    First, nothing is worse than Lady in the Water. I would rather sit through every Martin Lawrence movie ever made than see that crap again.
    I will say this; the Happening had a good creep factor. Watching people throw themselves off roofs and taking turns shooting themselves with the same gun has an effect. And M Night basically gave up on the “What a twist!” formula that has failed him since Unbreakable, to our detriment.
    Yeah, Mark’s dim portrayal is sometimes cringe-worthy. And M Night had to add oddballs in the picture to say the stupidest, most inappropriate and irrelevant things (something that has also failed him since Unbreakable). And them running away from wind…
    never mind.

  • JayMike

    First of all who said ALL of Martin Lawrence movies are bad? Yeah he had some pretty bad ones but not all of them are bad. Second, I never seen Lady in the Water because of the village. So i’m not seeing this unless i’m tricked into watching it when it comes on cable or TNT.

  • You damn right it sucks

  • The worst thing in this movie is when a woman shows on her “brand new mobile phone” (“surreptitious”) that it has become more infected in another city. But what does she show??? She shows a guy who is getting slaughtered by some tigers in a zoo.
    All the viewers understand immediately that they are infected in the city because he who got killed by the tigers try to take suicide.
    I mean… if the director want to show that it is a virus who make people take suicide… WHEN WHY TAKE SUICIDE ON SO ODD WAYS?
    Like the director says: Yea lets have a scene when a man trying to take suicide by being torn by a few tigers or lets have a man starting a lawn mower and then running over himself with it.
    Or why dont hava A BIG GIANT SLAGHTER MACHINE THAT HELP INFECTED TO TAKE SUICIDE (im just ironic and make mockery of the director just so you know).
    Well, I could speak about this movie all day long but just becuse this is just a comment I will sum this movie up to all of you guys.
    The movie is well done with pretty good film technology (or what its named), if you have sick mood when people dies in odd ways (like in “Final Destination”) you would maybe like this movie, BUT… THE MOVIE SUCKS DONT WATCH IT!!!11!111!!!1 FYI: My grammar sucks cuz im SWE…

  • …(i cant stop write becuse of the movies suckness)…
    also its ridiculous when a bunch of people falls from the building at the begining in the movie becuse its looks so… you know… ITS RAINING MEN…

    Mental Hospital Next Cya

  • Hi Jan, so you actually really liked the movie then?

  • Deuce

    I am a huge dvd collector (about 400 in my collection) since I would rather own than rent and own every m knight movie however after a bad purchase of the crappy Lady in the water I opted to rent this movie. Talk about a trainwreck, when will the studios stop giving this guy money to put out flops? (Spoiler alert) F-ing trees and plants are you kidding me? He’s better off making a sequel to the sixth sense at this point in his career.

  • Brent Shipley

    Well I saw ‘The Happening’ & thought it was terrible, when I saw it, basically people running away from a nothingness to nothing. Can’t believe this screenplay it is so predictable a 5 year old would know what was going to happen next.
    The worse & most shocking scene is when a twisted Catholic woman smacks the child for trying to take a cookie, this genuinely shocked me, because of the treatment that adults have on defenceless children.
    That aside after a few days I couldn’t stop thinking about how bad it was, so I credit it with how memorable it is. I will never forget it & will encourage others to see it for the torture it put me through & the pleasure I got out of telling people what a shocker it is! 10/10

  • Brent Shipley

    Also love the way people kill themselves especially the mower couldn’t stop laughing. Peter Jackson eat your guts out. Lawrence didn’t have to have any zombie make up for this one. Just do it yourself.

  • Hi Brent, love your posts. This is a movie that one almost has to watch to understand just how bad it is.

    And Deuce – yes, a sequel to the Sixth Sense right now would be welcome news.

  • Sticky Pants

    This movie was terrible. My neighbor raves about her ability to know all movies and directors and well she told me see M. Night stuff and ya know what this movie was so bad I just laughed almost all the way through it. WHAT A WASTE OF MY LIFE WATCHING THIS KINDA CRAP. CAN YOU SPELL That Mr. M. Shamwow…C R A P…crap crap crap