Pretty Cool Saw V Movie Poster

I hate the Saw movies. Despite what some people think, the first one was bad and they just got worse from there. Bad acting and directing gave way to one attempt after the next to shock the audience more and more, while becoming more convoluted and cocky with each outing. The fourth Saw movie was especially bad, the worst of the franchise.

Still, even though the main villain has been dead for over a full movie now, Lionsgate is milking its franchise once again with Saw V. I don’t blame them – audiences continue to swarm to this franchise for some God-awful reason. How much abuse can audiences take? Lionsgate is putting that question to the test.

Regardless, Lionsgate recently released a new Saw V movie poster, and I have to admit that it’s pretty damn good. Disturbing and creepy, it features Tobin Bell’s face plastered over someone else. Clever, and damn good marketing. Here’s the movie poster:

Saw 5 movie poster

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Can’t wait to see this movie.
    Better yet in HD release..

    p/s: adding your blog to my blogroll 🙂

  • Robert Kelly

    I really enjoyed the first movie..i thought it was an original idea and good mystery \ shock movie. Now with that being said..the rest of the movies are a PIECE OF JUNK!!!! I will not let my bias prejudge the new endeavor, but the movie poster is pretty good. (I’d really like to see Danny Glover reprise his role and the movie put some thought instead of just being all blood and unnecessary gore!)

  • Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. I thought the original Saw had a great concept and an interesting plot, but the acting, writing and directing were just dreadful. Had a capable crew taken hold of it, it could have been classic, but it just didn’t click for me. And yeah, the rest were just crap.

    @bintang4, thanks for the blogroll.

  • all the movie where awesome especially saw 4,the best about em is that they make u think.If it comes out in theaters ill go early 2 buy the tickets.

  • late,late,late,late,late,late,late,late,late,late,late,late

  • Kristin

    Why so negative? Let’s see you come up with something this unique and creative… ALL of the Saws were just great~ Each one was creative, and unpredictable! Each one made you incredibly nervous watching it, not knowing what would pop up next~ It takes a real creative person to come up with this type of movie,, one that keeps you thinking the entire time! I get so excited each year hoping another one would come out- AND IT DOES! It became a tradition,, each year my Twin sister and I both go on Halloween to see the new one that comes out~ Each sequel is just as good as the last, if not better, and I think they deserve some positive comments~ Trust me, if no one liked SAW– there wouldn’t be a new one each year.


  • Kristin

    And yes, SAW is that good, that we would be so nerdy to make it a tradition each year to see it on Halloween~ Lol, but it’s fun- AND you know it’s a great movie when after the movie ends, you walk out of the movie theatre feeling “crazy.” lol

  • Hi Kristin,

    Thanks for the comments. “Why so negative?” I have to digress, but I have not found the Saw movies creative and unpredictable. The first one was good in concept, but marred by an inexperienced director and bad writing that led to some downright terrible performances. I can see how some people liked the first one, but I have not walked away from any of the films with a sense of excitement… only disappointment.

    I’m glad you enjoy them though, although I look forward to the day when so few people see these films that they at least turn into direct-to-DVD releases.


  • Averak

    Siempre me han gustado las películas de SAW I – IV. A pesar de ser de muy bajo presupuesto tienen un buen guión. Estoy de acuerdo en que a veces están muy mal dirigidas.

  • Hola Averak,

    Gracias por el comentario! (Mi espanol esta malo)

  • John Robinson

    Erik – I agree with you. The Saw films, for me, have an interesting idea. But why all the gore? Unbelievably sadistic, that’s all these films are. If they had been handled properly by a well-known, experienced director, a proper plot could have been formed. The plot has been replaced by ‘blood and guts’. In my opinion, if I had the chance to recreate Saw there is only two things I would keep – Billy the Puppet, and Kramer himself.

  • Andi

    Forget about the Gore for a moment, there is a story to it, I lost my son to cancer, he was only 21 and a lovely lovely lad never was any trouble, I can honestly see were the character Tobin Bell plays in these films is coming from, as a mum I could of quite cheerfully throttled Junkies for wasting their lives after I lost my boy.