Seattle Loses Sonics. Ban Starbucks Now.

Kevin Durant SupersonicsSeattle is not a huge city. It’s no Manhattan or Los Angeles. But it’s not a small city. In fact, it’s the largest city among several states in the Northwest. In other words, it is not a team that should be without a professional basketball team.

Yet, today, the city of Seattle struck a settlement with Clay Bennett and the other Oklahoma City owners who bought the Super Sonics last year. Seattle makes some money, but Bennett and Oklahoma City gets the Sonics. Starting next year, the Sonics, or whatever they will be called, will play in Oklahoma City, a place I’m pretty sure that will never have a fan base or market equivilant to what Seattle has or will have. How is it right for a place like Oklahoma to have an NBA franchise and Seattle not to?

Let’s face the facts:

  • Seattle no longer has a basketball team. That just sucks. It’s embarrassing and just plain messed up. I don’t even like basketball, have only been to one winning Sonics game ever, but as a sports fan – and a Seattle sports fan at that – I cannot believe we just lost our team.
  • We no longer have rookie of the year Kevin Durant. He could be great. Too bad we don’t get to keep him.
  • Clay Bennett and his group are a bunch of sleazebags. It’s bad enough to go into another state, buy a company and then move the company, as you’ve always planned, without thinking about the negative ramifications for those left behind. It’s an entirely different thing when that company is a professional sports franchise that has had deep ties in the community for decades.
  • David Stern cannot be trusted. It just doesn’t make sense to move the Sonics away from Seattle to Oklahoma City (though I see the city has a population of 1.2 million, amazingly). This was political from the beginning.
  • Seattle no longer has a championship-winning team. The Sonics won in 1979. That was the last time Seattle got to celebrate a championship victory.
  • And most importantly, Starbucks should be banned. Perhaps stores should be burned, and not just the ones that are getting closed down. Howard Schultz, despite his legal campaign to “save the Sonics,” had to know that Bennett and his crew wanted to move the Sonics. In fact, one can hardly blame Bennett when Schultz, a Seattle guy, the CEO of Starbucks, either so maliciously sold the Sonics to out-of-town owners – or did so in idiocy.

Yes, there are some positives. Seattle gets to keep the colors, the name and so on and so forth, pretty much guaranteeing that we will see the Supersonics back in Seattle at some point. But that’s at least five years down the road, and then there are the years of rebuilding, et cetera. We may have a good ten years – a whole frikkin’ decade – before Seattle has a decent basketball team again.

So, all I can say is ban Starbucks now.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • tim

    Hey Erik,

    No doubt Clay Bennett always planned to move your team to OKC… In fact I agree with most of what you wrote even though I live in OKC!

    But I think you are wrong about us not having a fan base here. After Katrina, the Hornets played their home games here and the arena was almost always sold out. Many of the players said attendance here was much better than in New Orleans (pre-Katrina).
    And a ton of people have already purchased season tickets in the three days since you wrote this.

    I actually believe we will have one of the most rabid fan bases in the country… if it’s anything like we support our college athletic teams! (Especially OU football, OU being in Norman, practically a suburb of OKC…) We’ll probably also have lots of fans come from Tulsa, which is only about 90 minutes from here.

    Also, Oklahoma City recently passed a multi-million dollar tax increase to improve the Ford Center (where the team will play) even though the Ford Center is practically new! It was my understanding that Seattle residents rejected something similar… By the way, I voted against the tax increase, not that I’m against getting the team, but I thought Ford center patrons should pay the tab with ticket sales, which would not only come from the basketball sales but all of the concerts, etc. that are held there.

    For various reasons, I’m stuck in Oklahoma for now, but it’s not quite as bad as you make it seem, lol…

  • tim

    p.s., I do hope you get a team soon, and I pretty much already boycott Starbucks due to their prices…


  • Thanks, Tim! I boycott Starbucks already because I don’t drink coffee, though I do use their gift cards to buy me some hot chocolate.

  • D.. Carter

    seattle’s politicians had a chance promote a vote in favor of improving key arena and politicians and fans both double dribbled on that one. Should have gotten Bill Gates in on it.

    DC – OKC

  • seriously, who gives a flying 747 fuck about your sonics? they are garbage and would’ve always been garbage so quit crying. as far as I’m concerned David Stern did you guys a favor by moving the team to OK, to prevent any more suffering due to how dump they were. awesome choice of colors too, green and yellow equals solid decision. If you want sports, get on a plane and fly to Detroit.

  • Thanks for your compassion, Lawrence!

  • tim

    I should have said thousands of people have Inquired about tickets, since they aren’t actually on sale yet…

    Having visited Detroit, Lawrence, I’m afraid I wasn’t that impressed… I liked your downtown okay, the People Mover, etc., and the Redwings are pretty cool, but… overall, … me in OKC and you in Detroit… I’d say Erik has us beat bad…