Ghost Town Movie Trailer

Watch the new movie trailer for Ghost Town, which stars Ricky Gervais (from the British version of “The Office”) as a man who, after dying for only seven minutes, discovers that he can see ghosts. Greg Kinnear plays one of those ghosts, who enlists the man to hit on his wife (Tea Leoni), who in turn is dating a creep of a dentist.

Ghost Town looks OK, but not particularly funny. The marketing department will have to do more to make this one look appealing.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Harley George


    This movie was filmed close by where I live in Cherokee, NC and I saw it in the theaters here and it was really cool! I was looking it up and I don’t know what all this goofy Ghost Town stuff by this other western is going to rock. It is up there with my favorite TOMBSTONE. Check this out when it hits TV and DVD. I think it is playing certain theaters now.

  • nancy

    I saw this film in Maggie Valley twice. Sammy Kershaw is why I wanted to see the film but it was so good I had to see it twice. Okay I saw it the second time for actor DJ Perry…ah…Will Burnett. I was also looking for the film and I found some ghost comedy…

    Maggie Valley’s Ghost Town will shoot down the other film. It ROCKS!


  • Tina Ray

    I’ll second that ah…Will Burnett. I really enjoyed the film and the character that DJ Perry played. I also enjoyed seeing Renee from Xena Warrior princess. I would like to see them do a film. I thought Bill McKinney was frightening!

    Okay I’m out!

  • Ricky Gervais, who gained fame in the U.K. as the star of the original The Office, makes his starring film debut in Ghost Town.

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