Batman: Gotham Knights Movie Review

Batman: Gotham KnightsIn anticipation of The Dark Knight this Thursday, I rented the direct-to-DVD movie Batman: Gotham Knights, which hit stores this last Tuesday. Thankfully, I used my Netflix account, because the movie certainly wasn’t worth the money.

Batman: Gotham Knights is meant to bridge the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, so I assumed there would be something about the Joker, so on and so forth. Hell, I thought there’d at least be a plot.

Instead, this Batman movie is six stories pieced together to create a feature-length, 75-minute action-drama. The first story, about a group of kids who all see Batman from a different perspective (one sees him as a shadow monster, another as an invincible robot, so on and so forth), is completely inane. Actually, it’s downright terrible, and does nothing to move the film along.

The other stories aren’t nearly as terrible, as they delve more into some known but little-used villains such as Killer Croc and Deadshot (oh, and Scarecrow, but after Batman Begins I wouldn’t call him “little-used” anymore). Still, short stories aren’t very exciting as it’s impossible to get into the stories with any emotional committment, and then there’s the fact that this movie is meant to bridge the gap between the two Christopher Nolan movies – yet it doesn’t. Maybe I should never have expected much, but I did.

Oh, and just for a record, I am a fan of the original Batman cartoon, so I’m not anti-cartoon. In fact, the visuals are pretty impressive, as the artwork used in the film are much more advanced than anything I used to watch on TV back in the day. The visuals are the only saving grace.

Batman: Gotham Knights has potential and some of its stories are better than others, but its lack of a single story or connection to the films make it a throwaway film.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • maj

    i completely disagree. the movie wasn’t so much supposed to bridge the gap between the two, but to see events that happened in between and watch him build his name and gain experience as batman. as for the story with the children it was very cool and interesting because it is known that people in gotham all have a different version of batman because of all the rumors that circulate. if your problem with it is that it does not bridge the gap think of it from that perspective. as he fights more and more crime he builds his persona and all the tall tales told about him. it shows him becoming more known as a crime fighter.

    kevin conroy reprising his role was great, the visuals were stunning, the action scenes were well done and it showed a deeper view into batman, especially with his flashback to india. it shows where he gained his patience and tolerance for pain and such. it also shows how he strongly he feels about guns and the guilt that weighs heavy on his shoulders, induced by, obviously, his parents murder (which was wonderfully retold and shown in this feature).

    it also showed the awe and terror batman strikes into criminals as they shake and become speechless as he makes his entrances.

    this may not have quite matched the storytelling and great dialogue the animated series, but that won and emmy mind you.

    i think gotham knight was extremely well done on all fronts.