Transformers 2 Lends a Hand to Shia’s Hand

Shia LaBeouf mug shotThe Associated Press is reporting that due to Shia LaBeouf’s recent stint with the law – and another car – the blockbuster sequel Transformers 2 may actually write his injury into the script. LaBeouf’s truck was struck a few days ago while taking a left turn, causing him and the others in the car – including fellow Transformers 2 star Isabel Lucas – to be transported to the hospital. LaBeouf’s hand was “crushed,” according to his lawyer.

With at least two fingers out of commission, the possibility has arisen that Transformers 2 – which is currently in filming – may need to be modified. On “Access Hollywood,” director Michael Bay mentioned that the injury might be serious enough to modify the screenplay. Granted, there’s no better movie to work in a hand injury than this movie – or any Michael Bay movie for that matter. Just have Optimus Prime step on his hand in the heat of battle, and we’re good to go.

While the other driver has been cited as “at fault,” there are reports that LaBeouf was drunk at the time of the incident. Whether he was or not, this is the latest in a series of scrapes the actor has gotten into. He might want to think about cleaning up his act before he becomes a paparazzi dream for all the wrong reasons.

In other news, I found out that his name is pronounced “LeBuff” not “LeBoof” today.

By Erik Samdahl
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