Inglorious Bastards is Actually… Austin Powers 4?

Austin Powers 4 PictureQuentin Tarantino is an interesting fellow. Known for some of the most unique and ambitious films of the last two decades, Tarantino has directed some of the grittiest and most clever movies of recent memory. Word has been buzzing around the recent news of the arrival of Inglorious Bastards, a WWII film that has been floating around for years with no development news, et cetera. But just over the last month or so, it has been announced that Tarantino has completed the script and has recruited a fine bunch of actors – led by Brad Pitt – to helm the project.

Or has he? Word has it that Tarantino has actually not been working on his long anticipated Inglorious Bastards flick, and instead is in charge of the yet-to-be-named Austin Powers 4.Given the so-so results of the last Austin Powers film, and the decline in Mike Myers’ star power, Tarantino was brought on to give the franchise a much needed reimaginin, a la Casino Royale. Mike Myers is signed on once again to star as the dashing British hero, but there’s no word if Dr. Evil will return.

Of course, that last paragraph is bullshit. The real story is that Mike Myers has been cast in a small role for Inglorious Bastards. But that’s just not as interesting.

By Erik Samdahl
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