Shouldn’t Passengers Be a TV Movie?

The movie trailer for the upcoming Anne Hathaway flick Passengers is now online, giving us a look at the increasingly sexy Hathaway as a federal psychologist who is assigned to work with the only ten survivors of a fiery jetliner crash. While most of the passengers show the typical signs of post traumatic stress, one passenger (Patrick Wilson) stands out as curiously different. Specifically, the guy is in a great mood, but also appears to have developed special powers since the crash (apparently, some kind of connection to the next world). This doesn’t stop Hathaway from breaking her professional ethics and sleeping with the guy, of course.

Here’s the Passengers movie trailer for your viewing pleasure:

The movie looks OK, and certainly has an interesting premise. Unfortunately, it just looks OK, and its limited release suggests that this film isn’t good enough to play with the big boys. Still, one would think that the studio could release Passengers wide and just market it better, but the movie trailer just screams TV movie to me. With the cheesy narration and the rather boring cuts, Passengers looks like a made-for-TV Stephen King or Dean Koontz movie. In fact, I’m pretty sure at least one of these authors has done a book about something like this at some point in their career – or if they haven’t, I know I’ve seen a few TV movies over the year with similar plots.

All that being said, Hathaway looks pretty hot in the film, so that’s a plus, but not enough to fly me to theaters. As I expect pretty poor movie reviews as well, I might just pass Passengers on DVD as well.

By Erik Samdahl
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