Transporter 3 Looks the Same… And Knows It

Transporter 3 PictureHaving just watched the movie trailer for Transporter 3, I’m quite amused by how cocky the B-grade Jason Statham franchise has become. The studio seems to be taking the film for granted, as it blatantly markets that the film is about the same as the last two. Of course, they’ve thrown in a Crank twist just to appeal to those fans, too (though I’m pretty sure there is only one kind of Jason Statham fan) – this time, Statham has an explosive device fastened to his wrist.

The Transporter 3 movie trailer is pretty weak; it has poor setup, shoddy editing and really is quite incoherent. I have it listed as the full trailer, but it plays like a teaser trailer, so maybe I just have it poorly named – but regardless, as a teaser trailer, it doesn’t do a good job of setting the stage. It just jumps right into the action and what’s done is done.

That being said, everyone knows what to expect from a Jason Statham action movie, so why beat around the bush, right? Everyone knows they are going to get a pretty silly and dumb action movie, but one that’s full of adrenaline and some snarky British dialogue. Frankly, that’s enough for me, though I could certainly wait until DVD and not be any worse for it.

By Erik Samdahl
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