Movie Trailer Review: Milk (2008)

Sean Penn is Harvey MilkThe movie trailer for Gus Van Sant’s Milk is online, and it looks like we could have an outside Oscar contender on our hands. The movie stars Sean Penn as the first openly gay elected official in – you guessed it – San Francisco and looks to have the right combination of grit, power and acting to propel it into awards season. Honestly, I haven’t heard any buzz about this film one way or the other, and in fact hadn’t even heard of the movie itself until the trailer was released. Milk is not exactly a title that stands out to me, though now that I know the film is about Harvey Milk – a person I’ve never heard about – it makes sense.

I’m rambling. Let’s me get back to the point.

The Milk movie trailer has everything working in its favor. Sean Penn automatically adds legitimacy to the project, but the film has quite a few recognizable faces, including suddenly hot Josh Brolin as the antagonist and James Franco as a gay friend of Harvey’s. The cast, look and feel and subject matter all have the makings of a quality project, and Gus Van Sant, who is a bit hit or miss when it comes to overall impact but rarely misses in delivering at least decent projects, gives it another impressive mark. The marketing team has done a good job of making the movie look like an Oscar contender, and I really can’t say more than that.

Watch the Milk movie trailer or read more about Mark (2008).

By Erik Samdahl
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