The Strangers DVD: Where are the bonus features?

Strangers 2008 DVDHalloween may not boost theatrical horror releases in the way you’d expect, but DVD sales and rentals have to go up for scary movies come the end of October. Thus, it’s no surprise that the hit Liv Tyler thriller The Strangers slashes its way onto DVD this Tuesday, just in time for the spooky holiday.

The Strangers is about a couple going through relationship troubles who find themselves subjected to a night of terror when a family of masked hoodlums shows up to wreak havoc. What at first appears to be a practical joke gone bad soon reveals itself to be something much more deadly. Basically, the movie is about Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman trying to escape from a bunch of really freaky sound effects.

The movie is pretty scary at times, and the director does a good job of presenting the villains, who often stand silent in the background while the good guy looks the other way. As horror movies go, it gets the job done. Unfortunately, the movie isn’t nearly as good as the director thinks it is, and the film ends up lacking a satisfying resolution or climax. The characters – especially Liv Tyler – turn out to be just as dumb as your typical horror victim, if not dumber, and that’s not good.

Nevertheless, The Strangers is one of the scarier movies of 2008 (read my full The Strangers movie review here), so in that regards it’s worth renting. If you need bonus features to move you from the rental to purchasing stage, however, bonus features does The Strangers lack. Hell, this is a pretty sad DVD by anyone’s standards; other than a few forgettable deleted scenes and a small, rather promotional behind-the-scenes featurette, the DVD contains nothing of value. Wow.

Oh, and the cover artwork is terrible, too.

So, there you go. Decent movie, crappy DVD. You decide. I’ll vote for Obama.

By Erik Samdahl
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