Anne Hathaway’s Man Gets 4 1/2 Years of Prison, Rekindles Romance

Anne HathawayDespite Raffaello Follieri being sentenced to 4 1/2 years of prison, Anne Hathaway has said that the former couple is looking to rekindle their relationship. OK, not really, but I wanted to point out that Hathaway, as she must have realized by this point, has really bad taste in men. Sure, the guy could have been a druggie or a girlfriend beater (normally called wife beater, but that doesn’t really apply in this case), but a scam artist responsible for duping investors out of millions of dollars is almost as bad, no?

“I dishonored my family name and embarrassed the church I love. I’ll never be able to wash away that stain, and I will have to live with it the rest of my life,” he said in an AP interview. Yes, way to embarrass the church. Because the church can’t do that well enough on their own.

When do you think Anne Hathaway figured it out? When he started buying her elaborate gifts without having a real job? Or when he told her that he was the Vatican’s chief financial officer? Or when he showed her a letter written personally by John Paul II?

Or when the cops showed up at his door one day?

It’s OK, Anne. I’m available and ready, and I’m not that bad. But then again, maybe that disqualifies me.

By Erik Samdahl
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