Box Office: High School Musical 3 to Make $55 Million this Weekend

Walt Disney is going to be very happy this weekend as their unprecedented TV-to-theater movie franchise High School Musical 3 raked in $16.5 million in Friday box office tickets, all but guaranteeing a $50+ million weekend (so says Slash Film) for the harmless teen movie. UPDATE: Slash Film was a bit off… HSM3 made an estimated $42 million over the weekend.

Personally, I thought High School Musical 2 was one of the worst movies I have seen in a very long time; though I am outside of the target market, I just don’t get it. The music is bad, the choreography terrible and the story so sanitized that I don’t get how anybody outside of the most protective of families could enjoy it. Maybe they mixed things up for High School Musical 3, but I highly doubt it.

Anyway, congrats to Disney for turning the most-watched TV movie franchise into a lucrative box office behemoth.

The best thing about High School Musical 3‘s box office success? Lionsgate can’t claim complete victory as Saw V opened in second place. The bad news? The movie still made $12.3 million on Friday, good for about $29 million (UPDATE: $30 million) over the weekend. We’re starting to see the gleam come off the Saw movies, but only just. As long as the Saw movies continue to make more in their opening weekend than their entire budget, Lionsgate will continue to produce this crap.

Pride and Glory, the new movie starring Ed Norton and Colin Farrell, opened to only $2.2 million on Friday, good for just over $6 for the box office weekend.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • kristin

    excuse me, but I thought saw 5 was friggin awesome! They can continue making these movies as long as they want! I’ll be first in line to watch it! These saw movies are the best movie and sequels since a nightmare on elm street. I so love Tobin Bell he is such a beautiful actor. So go ahead and talk your crap but the saw movies effin rock!

  • hewardsion

    It was out standing movie teen topic movie series any body is fallen love with. Brand new songs added. Most beautiful thing about the movie is it is fallowing story from the part one, actors were grate. Lot to learn as a teen and adults too can enjoy the movie. is where I found the movie. It is easy to see from home else hanging on the traffic

  • Even high school musical make more money than other big mega movies like batman. Too bad.