My Bloody Valentine 3D Movie Trailer

I don’t know what to make of this one. The novelty of a 3D horror movie is compelling, as you could definitely get some good scares out of knives or pick axes flying at your face, but I’m still not sold on 3D in general. The movies made for 3D seem to be gimmicks, as the directors focus more on the visuals than storytelling. My Bloody Valentine 3D seems prime for such a massacre; the movie trailer isn’t particularly effective, other than marketing the gimmick. The movie looks generic, the scares dull and the acting bad, but, like I said, I think it’d be fun to see in theaters. Of course, I’ll probably still end up hating it.

Watch the My Bloody Valentine 3D movie trailer below:

By Erik Samdahl
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  • ami

    half glass full kinda guy huh!! Your life must be a blast.

  • Amy

    Well thats just your opinion…now in my opinion the trailer looks awesome and i can’t wait to see the movie, it looks creepy as hell my kinda flick,…and i agree your life must be such fun lol (I guess we can’t all have good taste huh)

  • Tina

    This film looks awesome and oh my god i cannot wait to see this.

    And can i just say JENSEN ACKLES IS THE BOMB!!!

    JENSEN is a wonderful actor and i will watch all of his films even if it means not having a single penny to me name lol


  • Lucy

    Agre with Tina! The films looks awesome. Jensen Ackles is a very talented actor!! To say that the actors are bad??? What the…. Oh, no…. the review given here suck. My bloody valentine looks thrilling!! I can`t wait for January and I will definitively watch!! Cheers for Jensen… You have seen his spontaneus performance of Eye of the tiger? Brilliant! Just like the man himself!

  • Tina

    *Hi fives lucy* That clip of Jensen doing The Eye of the tiger AWESOME

  • sandra

    Ok, so you are making a trailer review…? Never heard of one of those before. Well, here’s my advice for you. Don’t watch the movie then. I mean, you’ve obviously made up your mind so what’s the point? As for the rest of the horror loving world, we can’t wait for this movie to open! It’s gonna be a great ride, to bad you’re gonna miss it…

  • anna

    LOL I’m sorry but giving a review for a short trailer is kind of jumping the gun isn’t it?
    And to say it’s full of bad acting based on said short trailer is ridiculous. I guess ‘screaming because a murderer is chasing you ‘is the basis for terrible acting.

    Also – Jensen Ackles is amazing.

  • chess

    Does the words “never judge a book by its cover” mean anything to you? Just wondering..

  • Katie

    Seriously this review is laughable, you watched a trailer not the movie.So I think that you need to build a bridge and get over it, you cant judge a movie by a trailer, just like chess has stated that you cant judge a book by its cover. Also I don’t even listen to critics or movie reviewers or in this case trailer reviewers cos 90% of the time they are wrong.

  • Wow, seems like I got gang raped or something. I do trailer reviews all the time, and I believe some other sites do them as well. A trailer review does not imply that that is how I will judge the movie – but you have opinions about movie trailers, too, right? There’s no difference.

  • jensenrack

    I can’t wait to watch MBV. Jensen Ackles is amazing.

  • Katharina

    Erik, there is a difference. You state that the acting is bad? You say that you will probably end up hating it. Seems to me you have made up your mind already, no matter how the film is. Pretty prejudiced, IMO.

    We, who know Jensens work from before, know that he, and also Kerr Smith – are fantastic actors. I will wait to jugde until I have seen it, and keep my mind open. I know I will enjoy the Ackting at least, because so far Jensen has been great in all shows and films I have seen him in.

  • Hi guys, saying “I will probably end up hating it” does not imply I’ve made up my mind at all. You haven’t seen a movie that in your head you think, “That one just isn’t for me,” and then you reluctantly see it and actually like it? Same thing – I just put my opinions to “paper.”

    I’m in fact looking forward to this movie, as I think the 3D gimmick could work in a horror movie. In general, 3D has not worked in modern films, as the directors focus on 3D and ignore the story – that’s what I worry about here. Most horror movies are not that good from a quality standpoint, and I fear that the plot will end up being inane for the sake of having 3D scares. Will that make it bad? I don’t know.

    As for saying you won’t judge until you have seen it, that means you won’t judge the movie. I’m not judging the movie; I’m forming an opinion of the movie from the trailer, and am judging the trailer based on the opinion formed. If I finish watching the trailer and think that the movie looks good, then the trailer has done it’s job; if not, then the trailer has failed.

    The whole point of trailers is to market movies; every single person, including yourselves, form an opinion about every single movie trailer you see. You like it, you don’t like, you’re not sure (looks OK or I’m at least curious). I simply put my opinion into the public forum.

  • Alex

    You guys need to put your pitch forks down and chill, since when is it a crime to be opinionated? Then again, that’s all what posting is for nowadays, bashing on other peoples ideas and opinions, making them out to be ridiculous because they don’t share your point of view, lol.

    I like the actors, I’m a fan of supernatural. I will go see this movie and I’d probably like it since I haven’t seen anything in 3-D yet.

  • The movie sounds really freaky!!The trailer does it justice roll on next fri!!

  • marie

    This film is FANTASTIC i watched it yesterday the effects are brilliant the trailer does the film no justice

  • half glass full kinda guy huh!! Your life must be a blast.

  • This film looks awesome and oh my god i cannot wait to see this.
    The more than two hour movie, presented by Action 3D Productions in association with Network LIVE and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp