The Sarah Palin Song, or Why Sarah Palin is Wrong for the USA

My friend Jessie forwarded me this video the other day, called the Sarah Palin Song. The video is basically two (very bad) singers serenading how ridiculous Sarah Palin is, and I tend to agree. Anyone who describes the Vice President’s job as “in charge of the Senate” (and no, not just to 3rd graders) and doesn’t believe the dinosaurs existed just shouldn’t be in any office of power. I wouldn’t have nearly as much of an issue with John McCain if he had picked another running mate, but since he went with the Republican token female who refuses to do interviews (though I don’t blame her after the Katie Couric incident), I couldn’t possibly vote for him: after all, the risk of him dying and Palin becoming the most powerful person in the world is just too great.

So come on, people. Vote for Obama. You may not agree with all his policies, but few would disagree that he’s a smart guy. I know that’s not enough to warrant becoming President, but even you Republicans have to be hesitant about a McCain/Palin presidency. Anyway, here’s the Sarah Palin Song:

By Erik Samdahl
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