Box Office Predictions: James Bond in Quantum of Solace (2008)

James Bond Quantum of SolaceQuantum of Solace, the new James Bond pic, opens this weekend in the United States, two weeks after it opened in other parts of the globe. The movie has already made $161 million, and is primed to crush the $40.8 million opening for Casino Royale a few years ago.

As I’ve said before, I’m no box office expert and won’t pretend to be, but here are what some other websites are saying:

Frankly, while Motion Select may be the least reputable site on the list (no offense meant, but I just did a Google search and went down the list), I have to think that a $70+ million opening is in the works for Quantum of Solace. If Madagascar 2 can make $60+ million last weekend, aimed at a younger demographic, why can’t the new James Bond blow that number out of the water?

While Quantum of Solace isn’t getting amazing reviews, it isn’t getting bad ones, and I have to give this film some comparison to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Fans were hesitant about the renewed Batman franchise, found out it was good, and then gave broad approval to its sequel earlier this year. Of course, this latest Bond flick isn’t receiving those stellar reviews, doesn’t feature a tragic and Oscar-worthy performance, so on and so forth, but Casino Royale has its similarities to Batman Begins: it took an established, struggling franchise in an entirely new and darker direction; it opened quite well, but made its real gains on word-of-mouth; it also set itself up for something bigger and better.

More than likely, the box office analysts are right, but I won’t be shocked if they are woefully underprojecting here. Only six more hours until my midnight showing at the Cinerama…

By Erik Samdahl
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