The Worst Comic Book Movie Adaptations

Jennifer Garner is hotIn the last few years, people have grown accustomed to superhero movies with amazing special effects, great actors and serious storylines, resulting in films that range from great (X-Men 2) to downright superb (The Dark Knight).

But, for every good comic book movie, there are several bad ones, and Yahoo! has compiled a list of the 20 worst comic book movies ever made. I usually don’t always agree with their lists, but they’re pretty spot on with this one, as it ranges from Supergirl (I liked it when I was younger, but having watched it clearly, I was just a horny young boy who could completely overlook a terrible movie for a red miniskirt) to Steel (Shaq, remember this one?) and Elektra (oh, Jennifer Garner, how can someone so hot make something so bad?).

Go here to check out Yahoo!’s list.

Some other notably bad ones that make the list are:

  • The Crow: City of Angels. I loved the first one, but absolutely hated this one. How badly? I gave it an “F.”
  • Catwoman. This one was a bad idea from the start, but when you completely change the formula and put Halle Berry in an absolutely ridiculous outfit, you’re asking for bad reviews.What’d I give this one? An “F.”
  • Ghost Rider. I also gave this Nicolas Cage-starring picture an “F.” Having a character with a flaming skull as a head was never a good idea to make into a movie, and this proved it.

Of course, there are a few movies that I completely disagree with:

  • It may not be great, but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II is one of my favorite films from childhood.
  • Judge Dredd. I haven’t watched this one in a long time, so maybe I’ll agree now, but I rather liked this Sylvestor Stallone action flick. Not great, again, but entertaining.

Personally, I would have put Spider-Man 3 on the list. I guess it’s not as bad as the ones listed above, but in terms of expectations, it was a real disappointment.

By Erik Samdahl
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