Dragonball Movie Trailer Fizzles, Not Sparks

Dragonball Z movieI just watched the movie trailer for Dragonball, the live-action adaptation of whatever Dragonball is (a cartoon series, I believe), and as expected, it looks pretty stupid. Despite the presence of Chow Yun-Fat, Dragonball looks like nothing more than a B-grade kung fu action film fused with cheesy special effects.

I know there are some people who are rabidly anticipating this picture, but for the regular moviegoer, I see this one crashing and burning. The best kung fu movies are the ones that feel realistic and use minimal special effects, whereas Dragonball, out of necessity, has to go to the other extreme. Furthermore, the glossy, bright colors just make it look like a second-tier film, and I don’t think there’s anything the marketing department will be able to do to hide that fact.

By the way, Justin Chatwin’s hair absolutely drives me crazy.

You can watch the Dragonball movie trailer here. What are your thoughts?

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Luke Baggins

    While Dragonball does have quite a few fans, I haven’t heard anyone say they’re anticipating this movie. The fans seem to really be against it and I can’t blame them. Things can be adapted but it just makes no sense of why it’s done in this way. The Watchmen movie for instance is being specifically designed to please fans, but why is this movie even being made if the director doesn’t even consider the fans appreciation? It just makes me so damn frustrated, but at least I’m a Watchmen fan and not a Dragonball fan.

  • OK, that makes me feel better that even Dragonball fans are turned off! I see big flop in the future.