Seahawks Win Two in a Row! Against Bret Favre!

I’m a pretty diehard Seahawks fan, but with the way the season has turned out this year, I’m glad I only ended up going to three games this year. I went to their first win, against the St. Louis Rams, and then to a close loss against our arch rivals, the Arizona Cardinals. And I went to today’s game, a snow-filled event that had everything going to the Jets favor, including:

  1. It’s icy and snowy. Seattle isn’t used to such weather, while the Jets – and Favre especially – are.
  2. The Seahawks had nothing to play for.
  3. The Jets, tied with the Pats and the Dolphins, had everything to play for.
  4. The Seahawks just aren’t that good.

Who would have thought that the Hawks would have held the Jets – and more importantly, Bret Favre – to only three points? The Seahawks ended up winning 13-3 in what is easily our best game of the season – not high scoring, but a battle against the only playoff contention team that we can now say we beat.

Football aside, I’m amazed that as many people showed up to the stadium as they did. Qwest Field was relatively crowded, despite the fact that we’ve had our worst season in years and the snow has been coming down nonstop for a couple days now. And most of you in other parts of the country may not realize this, but Seattle really does not get much snow at all. So when we do, even when it’s only a couple inches, the people here freak out – or drive in a way that’s not kosher for driving on snow. On Wednesday, the day that the weathermen predicted we would be hit with a “huge snow storm,” there was no snow. Yet, the very thought of snow kept literally half of the people out of the city that day. When snow hit the next day, no one showed up. And with extremely low temperatures for the area, another element we’re not used to for prolonged periods, the Seattle area has just been a mess – and it doesn’t look like things are going to get much better over the next couple of days. I honestly can’t recall the last time I saw this much snow in Seattle, and more is coming.

With that, enjoy the week, and Happy Hannukah! I’m not Jewish, but it starts Monday.

By Erik Samdahl
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