Frost/Nixon Not as Good as the Critics Claim

December is the month when the really good films come to theaters. It’s a known fact, because all of these movies want to be known and on voters’ minds when Oscar ballots go out in January. And while you can’t always trust the critics for 11 months out of the year when it comes to blockbusters, action films and comedies, they can be pretty reliable when it comes to dramas. You won’t always agree, but if there’s one genre that professional critics know, it’s drama.

So, I watched Ron Howard’s Frost/Nixon. Good movie. Great acting, and strong dialogue. But a great movie? One that deserves a Golden Globe nomination? No. And Ron Howard, a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director? Over Christopher Nolan and several other directors? Absolutely no way.

Read my Frost/Nixon movie review to see what I have to say about the film.

By Erik Samdahl
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