DVD Review: Pineapple Express Hits a High

Pineapple Express DVD CoverThe funny Judd Apatow action-comedy Pineapple Express arrives on DVD this Tuesday, and comes packed with more than just a dime bag of bonus features.

Seth Rogen and James Franco star as two potheads who become involved in a murder plot, forcing them to go on the run and, eventually, to attack the drugdealers who are hunting them head on. The pairing is a match made in heaven, as Rogen once again shows he has great comic timing and Franco turns in a Golden Globe-nominated performance (no kidding) with stupid grins and paranoid delusions. A great supporting cast also helps.

The movie itself benefits from the influence of an indie director, as it doesn’t become an idiotic pothead movie a la Dude, Where’s My Car? Instead, Pineapple Express is an authentic action-comedy that just happens to be about a bunch of idiotic characters. You can read Robert Bell’s Pineapple Express movie review, though I liked the picture a little more than he did.

The 2-Disc Unrated Special Edition DVD comes with both the theatrical and extended versions of the movie – the extended version is five minutes longer. A digital copy for your iPod is also included, though thankfully that is just a small part of the features found on Disc Two.

I won’t break down every special feature like I normally do, as there are so many random little items here and there that it’s hard to keep track. Included are a variety of deleted or extended scenes, unfortunately spread across both discs just to inconvenience me. Some are funny but most seem like minor variations of scenes from the movie. Commentary is included as well, and while I normally don’t listen to these, I may have to check out this one – it could be pretty funny. In addition to a rather dull gag reel, the first disc also includes a making-of featurette, which is pretty good in establishing the inspirations for Pineapple Express and showing the actors and director off-camera.

The second disc includes five behind-the-scenes featurettes, which include a pretty good one on the action scenes. Since Pineapple Express is essentially a stoner comedy at heart, the cast and crew talk about how they wanted to do legit action scenes and how some of the sequences were implemented.

Another one focuses on the various injuries the actors incurred, some real (Franco needs stitches and Rogen fractures a finger), some not-so real (Franco gets stabbed in the back). This is a pretty good one. Less interesting are fabricated ones such as Red and Jessica’s Guide to Marriage, though fans of the movie should get a kick out of some of the humor (“We get along well because I like listening to her talk about her past sexual experiences…”).

There are also some montages that pull many of the best lines from the movie, show scenes how they were originally filmed (without audio dubbing) and so on and so forth. The Comic-Con Panel has some funny moments as well, but isn’t particularly insightful. There are also a few other random bonus features to be found.

All in all, Sony has formed a great collection of bonus features for Pineapple Express as they should satisfy fans of the movie or the Judd Apatow group. No single bonus feature is exceptional, but combined they make for a great set. Recommended.

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By Erik Samdahl
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