Friday Box Office: Gran Torino Takes Off

Gran Torino stars Clint EastwoodKudos to Clint Eastwood: he is poised for his best opening weekend of his career. The grisly actor-director, who has suggested this may be his last performance in front of the camera, sure knows how to go out on top if that’s the case.

According to SlashFilm, Gran Torino made $10 million on Friday alone, setting it up for a $25-$30 million weekend. The movie has already made $11 million in limited release, so following its first big weekend (2,800 theaters, equivilant to a $10,684 per theater average), it will have around $40 million in the bank.

Considering that the usually reliable Box Office Prophets predicted that Gran Torino would make $11.3 million over the ENTIRE WEEKEND.

All I can say is that this is great news, since Gran Torino is one of the best movies of 2008. Though it’s a drama, it is absolutely hilarious – as long as you don’t mind a constant barrage of racial slurs and so on and so forth. Eastwood is at his best in the film, and the picture itself is utterly entertaining, whether it’s making you laugh, cry or clenching your fist for some good old retired-Dirty Harry action.

Beyond Gran Torino, the other new releases performed better than expected as well. Bride Wars, set for a $17 million opening based on Box Office Prophet‘s predictions, earned $7.6 million Friday, meaning it should surpass $20 million for the weekend. The Unborn‘s marketing efforts, which took advantage of creepy dead children, twisted monsters and Odette Yustman’s ass, made $7.5 million on Friday, setting itself up for what may just be under $20 million for the weekend. That’s pretty good box office for a horror movie.

By Erik Samdahl
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