Swing Vote (2008) Movie Review

Swing Vote will be released on DVD on January 13, 2009. Here is my Swing Vote movie review:

Poor Kevin Costner. Once a box office star, he is now the anti-star, and for no real apparent reason. He’s an enjoyable actor, and if you look at his resume, he has far more good films than bad ones. Audiences and critics alike still punish him for Waterworld and The Postman, even though since he hasn’t done any more disasters than most other big actors. Nevertheless, it’s no surprise that his latest film, Swing Vote, came and went from theaters without a thought. It’s a shame, actually, as Swing Vote is surprisingly entertaining.

Costner stars as a down-on-his-luck single father named Bud who has never cared about politics – or much of anything at all. In complete contrast is his young daughter, wise beyond her years and well-educated on the world. By fluke chance, however, Bud is thrust into the national spotlight when it is determined that he is the one vote that will decide the outcome of the presidential election. Suddenly, Bud finds himself hounded by reporters and candidates alike, even though he has no interest in the process or the issues. Read the full Swing Vote movie review.

By Erik Samdahl
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