John Cena Must Survive 12 Rounds

I just watched the movie trailer for the new John Cena movie 12 Rounds, and at least it looks a little better than his last one. The movie is going to be a brainless, B-grade action film, but it does look like an action film that could make for a good rental. Cena stars as a cop who is accidentally responsible for the death of a criminal’s girlfriend – a year later, that same criminal kidnaps Cena’s girlfriend (the sexy Ashley Scott, from Jericho) and forces to Cena to survive 12 rounds of death traps in order to get her back.

It’s nice to see that Cena will actually talk once or twice in this picture, and there seems to be more than enough action to overcome the film’s shortcomings. Still, the marketing troubles me. The first couple lines in the movie trailer are poorly edited, and the trailer proceeds to give away way too many details of the plot.

What do you think of 12 Rounds?

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Marty

    Same old “Simon Says” villain, making the hero jump through hoops just because the screenwriter says so. The mark of lazy writing – no proper motivation for the characters, whatever his B.S. back-story says.

    And the fact that they have to boast about the director of Die Hard 2 shows how far gone Renny Harlin is. Oh, for the days of The Long Kiss Goodknight. Actually, that was quite crap as well apart from the performances, not to mention seeming quite tasteless now post-9/11.

  • Looks good to this female who likes an action film with a good looking lead like John Cena. Having to prove his love for his girl is a bonus. Also the car he was driving was hot…was it a trans am or a camaro? julie