Movie Trailer Review: Outlander (2009)

What happens when you put Jesus, Vikings and a dragon together? You get Outlander, the new sci-fi action flick that opens this coming Friday in limited theaters. Its limited release, combined with its January date and not-so-big distributor (doesn’t Third Rail Releasing sound like Third Rate?) does not bode well for the picture, but it looks like given the right marketing and distribution, Outlander could make a bit of money.

Sure, it looks like it could end up being rather cheesy, put the special effects don’t look awful, it stars Jim Caviezel and the thought of Vikings battling a dragon sounds like a lot of fun. The new movie trailer does nothing that screams “horrible” – had this same trailer been advertising a June release date, I’d potentially think it was a blockbuster film. Alas, it is not, and it most likely will suck, but Outlander looks fun.

Here’s the Outlander movie trailer:

By Erik Samdahl
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