Alien Dogs in Planet 51 a Riot

Planet 51 Alien DogI just watched the teaser trailer for the upcoming movie Planet 51, assuming it was a comedy but not knowing that it was an animated flick. The CGI – and movie in general – looks somewhat generic, though not bad by any means. While the teaser trailer didn’t blow me away, I did love two things about the movie trailer:

  1. The final scene, where an alien mom is telling her kid to take the cough syrup, otherwise the boogie man will come and get him. Cue the NASA astronaut who jumps through the window – the kid grabs the bottle and starts downing it.
  2. The alien dog. Yes, all but one of the characters is an alien, but this alien dog looks very similar to a certain alien that Signourey Weaver spent the better part of her career battling. It pees acid (making for a lot of crooked light poles and mailboxes) and has a tongue with another tongue inside it. Great creature design!

That’s all I had to say. You can watch the Planet 51 teaser trailer here.

By Erik Samdahl
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