Mutant Chronicles Restricted Movie Trailer: Any Good?

I just watched The Mutant Chronicles movie trailer, and all I can say is wow. And by “wow,” I mean… meh.

The Thomas Jane/Ron Perlman sci-fi action flick looks a lot like the Vin Diesel film The Chronicles of Riddick, and we all know how that worked out. I wonder how many people are going to make the same comparison, given the similar plots and titles.

The Mutant Chronicles looks like it could be fun… if you can get past the B-grade visuals, acting and actors. Neither Jane nor Perlman scream great casting, and while John Malkovich is a great actor, he does have a tendency to show up in some pretty bad movies when playing characters like this. In other words, you can tell which movies he’s chosen simply to finance that fifth house.

As far as movie trailers go, the Red Band movie trailer leaves little to be desired. For one, I didn’t see anything “restricted” about this trailer – studios, having already abused the marketing pretenses of “unrated” DVDs, are now starting to take advantage of “Red Band” trailers, tricking people into thinking that they’re going to get to see something naughty or off-limits. Don’t expect a ton of gore or nudity. Beyond those issues, though, the movie trailer doesn’t try to make us want to see this film. The setup to the action is terrible, and it creates no sense of dread or suspense. I’m actually not quite sure what the movie is about or who the mutants are.

Let me know what you think – here’s the Mutant Chronicles movie trailer:

You can learn more about the movie by going to the Mutant Chronicles movie details page.

By Erik Samdahl
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