Movie Trailer Review: The Great Buck Howard

I just watched the two-and-a-half-minute movie trailer for The Great Buck Howard, which stars Colin Hanks and John Malkovich, with a guest appearance by Colin’s father, the little-known actor named Tom Hanks. The movie is about a washed-up performer who is still living in his glory years until his new, youthful manager helps get him back on the fast track.

The movie looks entertaining enough, and Malkovich appears to be in his element here as the overly enthusiastic and seemingly fake title character. Unfortunately, the movie trailer itself is not that good. It’s about 45 seconds too long, not very well structured and altogether just a little bland. Worse is that it establishes no sense of conflict – things just seem to get better and better for Howard – so now that I’ve seen this trailer, what’s the point of seeing the movie?

Watch The Great Buck Howard movie trailer yourself:

By Erik Samdahl
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