Adam Kicks Ass on American Idol

Adam Lambert in American Idol 8OK, I just banged my knee on my desk. For the second time tonight. My already injured knee. It hurts big time.Just wanted to say that – it has nothing to do with this article. Anyway…

I rarely comment on American Idol on this blog, typically because there are so many other blogs devoted to the show. I am a fan, and watch nearly every singing episode – but generally skip the elimination shows. I’ve watched all eight seasons, I’m pretty sure – wait, I think I skipped one – but I’ve never dialed in my vote nor plan to in the near future.

But I had to write a blog post on today’s episode – the Tuesday, March 10, 2009 episode. I’m not going to say he’s going to win the show nor will I make any silly predictions like Paula was prone to do tonight. However, I have to say that Adam Lambert absolutely blew away the competition.

It takes a lot for me to say this, because up until this week, I have hated Adam. Why? The hair. Yes, something as vain as his hair. I’ve always hated that hairdo, and I always will. The emo-goth-rocker ‘do just screams a pompous “look at me,” and I can’t fully respect anyone who proudly allows himself to have a style like this. The male cleavage shirt isn’t very cool, either.

That being said, he made me a fan tonight. His song and the performance was incredible, a very professional, seamless and thrilling rendition.

That’s all I have to say. I will remark that Alexis continues to impress, but isn’t her phone number tonight – which ends with a “36” – a little damaging. What if people just assume she’s “13?” Allison was also good, but I didn’t remember from previous weeks. I want to desperately like Anoop, but he still hasn’t impressed me. Danny, whom Simon and others are clearly grooming him for the finale, also hasn’t blown me away. He’s fine, but only once have I seen anything that has really made him stand out – other than the fact that his wife recently died, and that’s no excuse to give him extra props. I actually liked Jorge tonight, even though he hasn’t done much for me. Kris was terrible, and Jasmine was forgettable. Lil was great, and Matt was OK – though he just reminds me of Jason Segel and if I were to take just one of them, I would choose Segel singing his Dracula opera. Michael was good enough to last until next week, but I think he’s going to have a hard time getting very far in this competition.

As for Scott, the blind guy… really? He’s been OK, but is clearly getting votes due to his disability. He was supposed to be great when pitted with his piano, but he was still just blah. Ask yourself: if he wasn’t blind, would you be rooting for him? No! Of course not! It’s a pity vote.

And finally, there’s Megan, who normally would be my pick to win just because she’s the hottest girl in the competition. Yes, the season that Carrie Underwood won – I didn’t think she was the best, but she was the hottest. Like I’ve admitted before, I can be shallow. But there’s something about Megan that just bugs me. She has an interesting voice, but her stage presence is absolutely terrible. That little hip swing she does is cringe-inducing – enough to make me despise her.

I’ll date her, but never vote for her. As for Adam, good luck to him. If only he would cut his hair…

By Erik Samdahl
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